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Gluten Sensitivity


Why Gluten Free? Being gluten free is not the latest in a long series of fad diets. Unlike fad diets and marketing ploys such as "fat free", "sugar free", ect. ect., eating gluten free is a way of life someone chooses, because of a condition in which gluten is making them sick. Not olny Celiacs disease, but many conditions such as Diabetes Type I & II, Hypo & Hyper Thyroidism, IBS, Crohn's, & SLE are also linked to consuming gluten. So next time you run into someone who is "gluten free" understand that it is not because they want to lose weight, although that is one of the many benefits, but it is because they have a condition or are attempting to avoid a condition that is cause by gluten.

Rialto Chiropractor | Gluten Sensitivity. Dr. Vinicio Cornejo, D.C. is a Rialto Chiropractor.